Caveman Stress Principles 

You are here because you (or someone you know) suffers from daily stress and you are looking for answers, am I right? The Caveman Principles was written for you. The first part of the book is all about stress, without the complicated waffle that comes in many of the personal development books. There are no big words and no complicated formulas or diaries to keep. It is written for everyone and to make sure you know what stress means in your life.

We have to accept all the stress that we suffer on a daily basis. We talk about how stressed we are but we do not know what ‘stress’ means or how we end up suffering from it. We blame our jobs, our bosses, our families, finances and even our health. Stress has been proven to be the main or contributory factor in 90-95% of all illnesses. Even when we get injured the stress from the injury prolongs our recovery. Stress is an evil and nasty substance that is a ‘natural’ and human reaction to our busy and complicated lives.

Caveman Principles
Caveman Principles

We get angry with the wrong people and we do not understand why, what is happening and how we need to manage it. That is until you understand The Caveman Principles.

Harking back to the Caveman days, Bert and Errol (our intrepid caveman stooges) shows people how the fight and flight reflexes are part of our natural and very human makeup. We should not be trying to prevent these reactions from happening, instead we should be understanding them and making them part of our everyday life.

Bert explains what it is like to be a fighter, and Errol, well he is just like ‘Forest Gump’, he likes to run, he can run like the wind! Errol shows us our vulnerable side, the flight aspect of our personalities. The Caveman Principles also tells us of new, modern day reaction of freeze, the most debilitating and dangerous aspect to our modern day living. 

Unlike the fight and flight aspects of stress, the freeze is the one to worry about. The body is designed to burn off those dangerous and potentially deadly toxins when our buttons are pushed, the fight and flight responses help with this. Our modern day freeze response does not. Instead when we use this response we bottle it up, causing those toxins to settle in our soft tissues, organs and delicate parts of our bodies rather than being burnt off.

Remember 90-95% of all illnesses are caused from stress and this freeze response explains why there are increases in nasty, horrible, debilitating illnesses. We need to get a grip and understand what is happening. The Caveman Principles takes you through a simple and easy to understand learning cycle.

You learn the cycle, what pushes our buttons, identifying our stress mammoths so we can either avoid or challenge them head on, reducing the release of chemicals and preventing illness.

Caveman Principles

I believe we can change the world.

We can make it a better, less stressful place to live.