Improving Relationships

One of the biggest areas of stress in our lives is maintaining and developing good relationships. We know that you deal with idiots, not doing what they are told, expecting them to be doing something else or hiding somewhere, however we have to deal with them so this is why we have the CTS.

Have we lost the grasp of society, that we are all different? Do we treat people without any respect for their personal behaviours? We do deal with them by how we are feeling at the time and is this is normally when we are stressed. This poor communication style creates more stress within us and then in turn the extra stress is fed back into the communication cycle causing more stress!

The Caveman Principles recognises ‘relationship’ stress and has found that poor personal interactions are one of the main causes of daily stress. To help you, we have developed the ‘Caveman Tribal Sorter’ to help you, your team and your tribe live a happier and more peaceful life.

Caveman Principles

The Hunter

They are the Open and Direct members of our Tribe.

These are the risk takers of our tribes. They hate following instructions and they only need to be told the expected outcome. These are the ones who are quite happy to burn a copies of Health and Safety at work. These people are the ones who really are the best to throw into an unknown situation, they will work out the best way to bring it to a resolve and they won;t give up until they work it out.

The Protector

These are the Closed and Direct members of the group.

These are the rule enforcers of the tribe. They like to know order and make sure people are doing things the right way. They can be seen as the ‘controllers’ of the group making sure people are where they should be and doing what they should be. Without Protectors, efficiency and safety are just words.  

Caveman Principles
Caveman Principles

The Gatherer

These are the Closed and Indirect individuals of the gathering.

Gatherers are the thinkers of the group. They are great at getting information and will not stop until they are satisfied they have explored every eventuality. They are not risk takers and speedy decisions are not their strong point, but they are great at writing health and safety manuals.  

The Healer

These are the Open and Indirect individuals of the team.

Healers are the people pleasers of the party. They make sure that everyone is happy, or if not they are tending to them. They are concerned about people liking them and that everyone is getting along with each other. They are the ones who ask people how the weekend went, and they want to hear the answer.

Caveman Principles