Mammoth success.

There is always something in our lives that we want to change, whether it is lose a little weight, stop smoking, cut down on our drinking, read more, change jobs or get fitter. We have great intentions and rush out signing a 12 month contract, join a few job sites or hide the wine. Then the hard bit starts, how long will our willpower last?

We have all been there – determined to do something positive in our lives but the only change we achieve is making a dent in to our wallets (from a new year long gym membership). So what happens next, we beat ourselves up, find the bottle of wine hidden behind the sink and sit festering, beating ourselves up and getting stressed that our plans failed.

What happened, were we not determined to succeed in to our personal change? Why did we fail? Not to mention how much we had invested!

The impact that this failure has on us is massive. The stress that it brings, having to look in the mirror everyday, seeing nothing has changed and the only thing staring back is our failure, with a gym membership that is not being used.

There is a system, The Caveman Change Principles helps create personal change. The blueprint is there to advise, show and help you plan a map to success. The understanding of the Caveman Herder with his pet mammoth allows you to understand importance of planning you change before you embark on your journey.

Understanding the thinker/doer parts of your brain helps you realise the importance of change, why you need it, why you want it and how you are going to do it. 


Create Success

Creating mammoth success is all in the mind! Without getting your mammoth to want to get of the sofa and wander off to the gym, we are already into the realms of willpower. Understanding that we have to make a plan and not deviating from it, otherwise the mammoth will lose interest.

Making sure the the Caveman Herder does not get distracted and want to take a shortcut, change the plan or move the goal is essential to stop upset the mammoth. The Caveman Change Principles explains the importance of motivating the mammoth and keeping the herder under control.

Without the Caveman Principles change can happen but it will be hard work and less fun.